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  1. contradiction: noun adverseness, antipathy, assertion of the contrary, assertion of the opposite, conflicting evidence, confutation, contradistinction. Reply
  2. Contradiction is a unique adventure / murder mystery game that uses live-action video for the entirety of the game play. All you have to do is interview characters, spot their lies and catch them out! Contradiction is a brand new take on the concept of an interactive movie and brings the genre to a whole new level of playability/10(K). Reply
  3. a fact or statement that is the opposite of what someone has said or that is so different from another fact or statement that one of them must be wrong: [ C ] fig. His life was full of contradictions (= things that . Reply
  4. Aug 06,  · Third, the contradiction must come from a single source. Divergent opinions between two different people don’t make for a persuasive case. The implications of these findings touch many domains, but especially topical is the realm of COVID communications. Reply
  5. Nikozshura
    (Contradiction) We meet again good friend You see the stars come down to meet you You look like the last time Let a new day come and greet you Stuck in your ways, stuck in your mind, stuck all the time When their out of the room, especially mine, used to be fine I swear I was confused, used to be blind That was a moment in time when I thought. Reply
  6. Nov 16,  · “Contradiction” is the third single from the studio album, “Unbreakable: Alborosie Meets the Wailers United,” which was released June 29th of this past summer. Enlisting The Wailers United. Reply
  7. To prove a statement by contradiction, start by assuming the opposite of what you would like to prove. Then show that the consequences of this premise are impossible. This means that your original statement must be true. Prove that there is no largest number. Reply
  8. 1. deny, challenge, dispute, belie, fly in the face of, make a nonsense of, gainsay (archaic or literary), be at variance with We knew she was wrong, but nobody liked to contradict her. His comments contradict remarks he made earlier that day. Reply

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