You Have Some Queer Friends, Dorothy

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  1. Gay men of Reddit, have you ever referred to yourself as a Friend of Dorothy? If so,what happened? Close. 1. Posted by 4 hours ago. Gay men of Reddit, have you ever referred to yourself as a Friend of Dorothy? If so,what happened? 2 comments. share. save hide report. Reply
  2. a friend of Dorothy Homosexual; a gay or queer man. Gay historians say that the term came into popular use in the 's as gays and lesbians developed a special connection with Judy Garland, whose ballads of hope and despair and whose relentless spirit, and tragic history, mirrored their . Reply
  3. For LGBTQ+ people of previous generations, a "friend of Dorothy" is a familiar saying, but for many younger queer folks, the only place where they may have heard the term is that scene in Clueless. Reply
  4. Jun 29,  · Under The Tuscan Sun got a 62% on Rotten Tomatoes, but it would have gotten % if had focused on Patti, Frances' best friend. Patti, played by . Reply
  5. Since homosexuality itself used to be illegal, gay folks needed to refer to each other in secret. The term comes from the Wizard of Oz author L. Frank Baum's sequel, Road to Oz, where a character. Reply
  6. Arashinris
    Jan 19,  · During these trips, investigators noticed that many gay men in the area identified themselves as “friends of Dorothy”. The Intelligence Service deduced that “Dorothy” must be a woman that functioned as a sort of information hub that gay men could use to find other gay men. Reply
  7. “You have some queer friends, Dorothy.” “The queerness doesn’t matter, so long as they’re friends,” Dorothy replies. Amongst other references, Scarecrow tells Dorothy, “Of course some people go both ways,” when she asks which direction to take on the Yellow Brick Road. Reply
  8. Jul 10,  · Friends of Dorothy: Was 'The Golden Girls' Really As Queer-Friendly As Its Reputation Suggests? But what I have noticed about some of the more . Reply

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