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  1. Shaktizilkree
    Master Lock MXDLF Magnum 2 in. Wide Zinc Set Your Own Combination Padlock with /2 in. Extra Long Shackle Model# MXDLFCCSEN $ 17 40 $ 17 Free delivery with $45 order. Set your store to see local availability Add to Cart. Compare. Master Lock Speed Dial Set-Your-Own Combination Padlock Model# IDHC $ 7 98 $ 7 Reply
  2. 3. something formed by combining: A chord is a combination of notes. 4. an alliance of persons, parties, countries, etc. 5. the series of numbers or letters used in setting the mechanism of a combination lock. 6. the parts of the mechanism operated by this. Reply
  3. If the order doesn't matter, it is a combination. If the order does matter, it is a permutation. A permutation is an ordered combination. In this case, it doesn't matter what order the people are placed in to fill the chairs, it just matters which people you chose. Reply
  4. Arashirisar
    the mixture you get when two or more things are combined: Strawberries and cream - a perfect combination. A combination of tiredness and boredom caused me to fall asleep. This drug can be . Reply
  5. In Combinations ABC is the same as ACB because you are combining the same letters (or people). Now, there are 6 (3 factorial) permutations of ABC. Therefore, to calculate the number of combinations of 3 people (or letters) from a set of six, you need to divide 6! by 3!. Reply
  6. Nikoktilar
    This meta-analysis uses individual participant data from diagnostic accuracy studies to estimate the accuracy of the Patient Health Questionnaire–2 (PHQ-2) alone and combined with the PHQ-9 for detecting major depression. Reply
  7. Combination definition is - a result or product of combining; especially: an alliance of individuals, corporations, or states united to achieve a social, political, or economic end. How to use combination . Reply
  8. Combination Acts, British acts of 17that made trade unionism illegal. The laws, as finally amended, sentenced to three months in jail or to two months’ hard labour any workingman who combined with another to gain an increase in wages or a decrease in hours or who solicited anyone else. Reply

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